The Continental GT V8 S has Beluga lower body styling and 20" wheels, which create a clear statement of intent. A recalibrated engine, revised stability control and an uprated chassis complete the picture, delivering the kind of thrilling drive you expect from a sports car with Bentley's racing DNA.

With enough space inside to comfortably seat four adults and a boot that can accommodate all of your luggage, the Continental GT V8 S remains the definitive British grand tourer. But it's the fearsome combination of limitless power and exhilarating handling of this luxury coupe that gives it the edge.



Even before the engine bursts into life, the distinctive styling makes a single-minded statement. The Beluga gloss Lower Body Styling Specification and a 10mm lower ride height add sleek, sporty lines to the Continental's famously muscular stance. The front face and rear spoiler are complemented by new, all-bright fender vents, classically positioned behind the front wheels.

The dramatic look is completed by exclusive 20" open-spoke wheels and red painted brake callipers not to mention the striking gloss black radiator grille.


The interior cabin of the new Continental GT V8 S combines carefully selected leather hides and smooth metal surfaces to deliver a seductive blend of luxury and steely modernism - all beautifully lit by low energy, LED lights. The exquisite leather strikes a perfect balance with the knurled chrome details and the Piano Black veneer, lacquered and sanded up to eighteen times to produce a truly flawless finish. Speed is vital in a grand tourer. But when it comes to the Continental GT V8 S, style matters just as much.

New for 2016, you can now choose to have unique GT V8 S headrest embroidery, and, additionally, you are able to select Semi-Aniline hide for the GT V8 S coupe.


All Bentley wood veneers are cured for 72 hours and treated with five layers of clear lacquer by hand, to achieve a luxurious finish without compromising the natural beauty of the grain. The Continental GT V8 S features Piano Black veneer as standard, but there is also a range of other ethically sourced veneers to choose from, alongside the more technical look that can be achieved with Carbon Fibre or Bright Tint Aluminium.

For 2016 a new veneer has been introduced to the Continental range: Dark stained Madrona.


Bentley has created a selection of recommended optional specification packages that will add to your overall ownership experience. Multiple packages, including the Mulliner Driving Specification, Mulliner Styling Specification, Premier Specification, Sports Specification and Interior Style specification, can be chosen in addition to individual options.



Beneath the bonnet of the new Continental GT V8 S beats a monstrous heart: a 4 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, with the power to generate 520 bhp (388 kW / 528 PS @ 6,000 rpm). At 1700 RPM the GT V8 S generates 680 Nm of torque - even more than the 660 Nm achieved by its sibling, the GT V8. From a standing start the GT V8 S will reach 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, before climbing all the way to its top speed of 192 mph (309 km/h).


Variable displacement, in which four of the eight cylinders switch off at gentler throttle openings, reduces fuel consumption and cuts both frictional and gas transfer losses. When more power is required, the engine switches back automatically from four cylinders to the full eight. The result is an unforgettable driving experience- nothing captures the spirit of spontaneous adventure like the Continental GT V8 S.


Lowered sports suspension (by 10mm), revised damping with increased spring and bush rates (front and rear) and uprated anti-roll bars all combine to improve agility, body control and cornering, while the recalibrated steering provides enhanced feedback and feel.

The Lower Body Styling Specification features - front splitter, side sills and a rear diffuser - improve the car's aerodynamics by reducing front-end lift, providing even greater stability at higher road speeds.


Despite its muscular powerplant, the Continental GT V8 S is remarkably efficient: CO2 emissions are a mere 250 g/km, due in no small part to the use of variable displacement. At less aggressive throttle openings, the engine switches off four of its eight cylinders, so they only act as gas springs. this delivers two benefits: the four operative cylinders are more efficient, while frictional and gas transfer losses throughout the engine are greatly reduced. As soon as the car accelerates, the other four cylinders switch back on, giving more power the moment it is needed.



The Continental GT V8 S is remarkably efficient, due in part to the use of variable displacement. At less aggressive throttle openings, the engine switches off four of its eight cylinders, so they only act as gas springs. This delivers two benefits: the four operative cylinders are more efficient, while frictional and gas transfer losses throughout the engine are greatly reduced.

When the car accelerates, the other four cylinders switch on, giving more power when it is needed. Switchable hydraulic engine mounts change to a 'soft' state while the car is idling to improve isolation from vibration, yet instantly switch back to a 'hard' state when the car is driven more dynamically to reduce roll and improve performance.


The Continental GT V8 S is a 21st Century Grand Tourer. The 8" touch screen in the centre console controls an integrated information and entertainment system. A 30 GB hard drive provides quick access to mapping data and the option of landscape imagery*, alongside live traffic data and online access for point-of-interest searches.


The new Continental GT V8 S has telephone control with Bluetooth wireless connectivity as standard and WiFi as an option for optimum in-car connectivity.


The Naim™ for Bentley Premium Audio System was designed with the aim of delivering the best in-car audio in the world. Each of the 11 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR®) speakers combine the functions of a separate tweeter and mid-range speaker in one unit. Sited all around the cabin, they make it possible to direct the sound with great accuracy, while providing greater clarity across the whole audible spectrum. The result is incredible sound, anywhere in the car.

Naim™ is available as an individual cost option or as part of the Premier Specification.



Max Power

528 PS / 520 bhp / 388 kw @ 6000 rpm

Max Torque

680 Nm / 502 lb.ft @ 1700 rpm

Engine Capacity

3993 cc

Fuel type

98 (95) RON


0 - 60mph 4.3 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 4.5 seconds

Max Speed

192 mph / 309 km/h


26.4 mpg 10.7 litres / 100km


18.0 mpg 15.7 litres / 100km

Extra Urban

36.2 mpg 7.8 litres / 100km

City Driving (US)

15 USmpg

Highway Driving (US)

25 USmpg

Combined (US)

19 USmpg

CO2 Emissions

250 g/km

Emission Controls


Kerb Weight

2295 kg / 5060 lb

Gross Vehicle Weight

2750 kg / 6063 lb

Boot Volume

358 litres / 12.6 cu ft

Fuel Tank Capacity

90 litres / 20 gallons / 24 US gallons

Overall Length

4818 mm / 189.7 in

Width Across Mirrors

2226 mm / 87.6 in

Width with Folded Mirrors

1947 mm / 76.7 in

Overall Height

1391 mm / 54.8 in


2746 mm / 108 in


Piano Black veneer

Gear lever

Knurled sports gear lever

Rear console/armrest


Mulliner Driving Specification Interior Features



4.0 litre twin turbo-charged V8 engine producing 528PS & 680Nm of torque


Air springs with continous damping control. Sports suspension set-up with electronic height adjustment facility


20" Open-spoke design alloy wheels


Iron brakes with Red painted brake callipers

Radiator Matrix

Gloss black front radiator matrix


Twin figure of eight tailpipes


Bi-Xenon headlights incorporating LED main beam support function


LED taillights

Exterior badges

Red brand logos and V8 S fender badges

Body styling

Beluga gloss Lower Body Styling Specification

Colour Specification


Knurled gear shifter


Hides & Colour splits

Full choice of 17 hide colours and colour splits

New Standard Feature

New Dark Stained Madrona veneer

Premier Specification

Interior Style Specification - Contrast Stitch

Interior Style Specification - Cross Stitch

GT V8 S Sports Specification

Extended GT V8 S Sports Specification

Dark tint rear and front lamps

Beluga gloss door mirrors

Sports exhaust

Twin front arm rests

Massage/ventilated seats

21" Alloy wheels

Jewel fuel and oil filler caps

Carbon ceramic brakes

Naim Audio System

Adaptive cruise control

NEW V8 S logo emblem stitching option