Speed is embedded in Bentley’s history. The name dates back to our founder W.O. Bentley’s 3 Litre Speed of 1925 and the Le Mans 24 Hour race-winning Speed Six. Then as now, the pursuit of performance was balanced by the quest for refinement. Today’s Continental GT Speed Convertible is a worthy successor. The GT Speed Convertible is the fastest Bentley convertible model. Drive it with the hood down and a new dimension is revealed. You’re no longer an observer of the passing landscape but a part of it, with every aspect of your journey – especially the thrilling sound track – amplified in the open air.





Designing a convertible is one of the toughest jobs in the automotive world. That's because it's two cars in one. To create a beautiful open tourer requires smooth, sweeping lines without visual clutter. Yet the design team needs to consider the hood too, creating a smooth coupé profile that integrates smoothly with the bodywork. By creating two cars in one, Bentley may have created all the high performance cars you'll ever need.




The Bentley GT Speed Convertible features 'cobra' seats, upholstered in diamond quilted leather, which are welcoming yet superbly supportive. Switch on the neck warmer feature and a stream of warm air from a discreet vent just below the headrest takes the chill off your drive. The seat massage system includes two lumbar and ten surface cells to keep you alert and relaxed as you drive.




The name Mulliner has been associated with some of the greatest Bentleys of all time, including the iconic 'R' Type Continental of 1952. So it's appropriate that the Continental GT Speed Convertible is equipped with the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard. Diamond quilted leather seats, indented leather headlining and embroidered winged 'B' emblems on the headrests add a touch of hand-crafted distinction. Drilled alloy pedals, a knurled sports gear lever and 'jewel' oil and fuel filler caps are inspired details from a distinguished heritage.




As well as the seventeen exterior paint finishes in the core colour palette that our designers have selected for the Continental GT Speed Convertible, your Bentley dealer can also show you almost 100 optional finishes, including solid, metallic, pearlescent and satin-finish paints. Additionally, Bentley's range of hood colours offers you the chance to add to the individuality of your Continental GT Speed Convertible.






With peak power of 635 PS, the Continental GT Speed Convertible stands at the pinnacle of the Bentley Continental stable. A full throttle standing start sees 60 mph flash past in just 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of 203 mph. Yet Bentley’s engineering team has ensured that the new GT Speed Convertible W12 engine and powertrain is just as fuel-efficient as the Continental GT Convertible.




The W12 engine is mated to a ZF eight-speed transmission: designed to handle the extreme levels of torque generated by the W12, the transmission cuts acceleration times by ensuring that the engine is always at the ideal speed for peak torque delivery. This state-of-the-art transmission also features "Block Shifting" technology, capable of shifting directly from (for example) 8th gear to 4th gear for instantaneous response and acceleration.




By bringing the GT Speed Convertible just 10mm closer to the ground, Bentley's chassis engineering team laid the foundation for an even sportier driving experience. To do so, they changed the springs, dampers, anti roll bars and suspension bushes. The result is improved body control under hard cornering together with greater agility.




Bentley’s engineering team has ensured that the new Speed Convertible W12 engine and powertrain is just as fuel-efficient as the Continental GT. The latest engine management system, an eight-speed transmission and careful refinement of the turbocharger settings have seen an overall improvement of 12% in fuel economy, with a commensurate increase in tank range compared to the previous generation model.





The Continental GT Speed Convertible’s touch screen infotainment system includes a 30GB hard drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage space for music as well as a continent’s-worth of mapping data. As you drive, it provides real time monitoring of your tyre pressures and access to your phone contacts (either via Bluetooth or by inserting your SIM card). The 15 Gigabytes of available music space is enough to last you on a round-the-world tour without hearing the same track twice, but you can also play music via the car’s six-disc CD changer, or bring your own iPod, MP3 player, or even an SD card.





The Continental GT Speed Convertible comes with telephone control with Bluetooth wireless connectivity as standard.




You can use your MP3 player/iPod™ in your Continental GT Speed Convertible to listen to your favourite music, podcasts or stream films.




When the wind in your hair is not enough music for your ears, the Continental GT Speed Convertible features a sound system with Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers, which combine the functions of separate tweeter and mid-range speakers in one unit, direct the sound with accuracy and provide greater clarity across the audible spectrum. Alternatively, the Naim™ for Bentley system, incorporating custom-built speakers and eight Digital Sound Processing modes, is available as an option.






Max power

635 PS / 626 bhp / 467 kw @ 6000 rpm


Max torque

820Nm/ 605 lb.ft @1700rpm


Engine capacity

5998 cc


Fuel type

98  RON



0 - 60mph, 4.1 seconds 0 - 100km/h 4.4 seconds


Max speed

203 mph / 327 km/h



19.0 mpg 14.9 litres/100km



12.4 mpg 22.8 litres/100km


Extra urban

27.4 mpg 10.3 litres/100km


City driving

12 mpg


Highway driving

20.0 USmpg



Kerb Weight

2495 kg / 5501 lb


Gross Vehicle Weight

2900 kg / 6393 lb


Boot Volume

260 litres/9.1 cu ft


Fuel Tank Capacity

90 litres/20 gallons/ 24 US gallons




Overall Length

4818 mm / 189.7 in


Width Across Mirrors

2226 mm / 87.6 in


Width With Folded Mirrors

1947 mm / 76.7 in


Overall Height

1390 mm / 54.7 in



2746 mm / 108 in





Piano Black veneer


Gear lever

Knurled sports gear lever


Hides and colour splits

Full choice of 17 hide colours and colour splits


Mulliner Driving Specification Interior Features

Mulliner Driving Specification including diamond quilting, indented leather headliner and alloy sports foot pedals



6.0 litre twin turbo-charged W12 engine producing 635PS & 820Nm of torque



Air springs with continous damping control. Sports suspension set-up with electronic height adjustment facility



21" Speed alloy wheels in Dark tint finish



Iron brakes with Red painted brake callipers


Radiator matrix

Dark tint front radiator and lower matrix grilles



Twin rifled exhaust tailpipes



Bi-Xenon headlights incorporating LED main beam support function



Dark tint LED taillights


Exterior badges

Black brand logos and Speed fender & fascia badges


Body styling

Body coloured Lower Body Styling Specification


Colour Specification



Knurled gear shifter



Sports exhaust



Twin front arm rests



21" Alloy wheels



Jewel fuel and oil filler caps





Premier Specification

Interior Style Specification - Contrast Stitch

Interior Style Specification - Cross Stitch

All Seasons Specification

Classic Mulliner Styling Specification

Classic Specification

Massage/ventilated seats

Carbon ceramic brakes

Naim Audio System

Adaptive cruise control